Beautiful You

January 19, 2010 at 4:23 PM (Beauty)

We are all born beautiful irrespective of race and even more so when we accentuate our natural beauty with Skin Care & Cosmetics such as BLACK OPAL. This fantastic range of  Beauty Product is made especially for people with darker Skin tones.

 Amaka Beauty Care New Zealand distributes Black Opal, and we believe in this Brand strongly. We all use it, we love it and so do many many customers of ours and around the world. Black Opal radiates flawless beauty when used.

Now let’s talk about BEAUTY : SKIN CARE & COSMETICS

 Skin Tones come in different shades, be it Dark or Light Skin. Our Skin is as individual as we are and crtical to keeping it soft and supple is getting to know it well.  We have to nourish and recognise what irritates it, so factors such as health, diet, stress level and climate can affect our skin.  To put it in a lay man’s term,our skin is our body’s major multitasker, our friend and our protector. It takes all types of abuse and yet it is quickly ready to forgive. 

As an African, I will be concentrating on Darker Skin tones.  Our Skin tones include shades such as Cocoa, Honey, Rich Caramel, Brown Sugar and more AND our Skin Types include Dry, Oily, Combination(Oily – Dry) and Sensitive Skin.

Watch Out, the story continues.


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