Curly Hair With a Difference

April 14, 2010 at 12:11 PM (1)

If looked after very well, Curly hair can be healthy, versatile, great looking and easy to manage.

The two very best ways you need to have Curly hair retain its style are: the right hair cut and the type of care that your curly hair needs.

Curly hair is completely different from straight hair. Its structure is different and its needs are different.

Curly hair demands a different approach. It begs for understanding.   Curly hair is very forgiving. Maybe you’ve abused it all these years, trying to mould it into styles it was never meant to resemble. But the moment you decide to meet your curly hair half way, it rewards you with head-turning, breath-taking, beautiful hair styles.

Curly hair styles that look wonderful are the natural result of combining those two essential ingredients – the curly hair cut, and the curly hair care.

One ingredient is out of your hands, quite literally, and that’s the cutting.

You can’t cut your own curly hair.  It’s not recommended, anyway. But you can certainly choose who does cut your hair, and the choice you make is the key to your future success with curly hair styling.

A stylist who understands and respects your curls, and who also knows how to cut your hair in ways that flatter your face, is like gold.  Find a stylist who can handle curly hair and you’re half way home.  That’s the first ingredient.

The second ingredient for beautiful curly hairstyles is well within your control, and that’s the way you look after your curly hair.

That doesn’t mean you have to adopt some onerous routine, either, like brushing your hair a hundred times every night. Don’t brush! It’s fatal for curly hair! And don’t comb it either. Throw all that stuff away!

Taking care of your curly hair is more a matter of lifestyle and understanding.   It’s no harder to maintain curly hair than it is to manage other hair types. In fact, once you get your curly hair right it can actually be much, much easier.   And the styles you can achieve will blow your mind.  It’s worth the effort and understanding. The proof is in the pictures.

Winter Hair Tips


As the weather starts to cool down curly hair(already prone to dryness) gets even drier due to the crisper air.

Counteract this by increasing hydration hair therapy! Pump up moisture by giving your hair deep treatments more frequently than you normally do. Extremely dry textures can even do daily treatments.  We advise the use of KINGS & QUEENS Hot Oil Treatment. Please contact us for more information on this fantastic range of products.

It’s also not a bad idea to head to the salon for a professional steam hydration therapy. For an at-home recession friendly (but still spa-worthy) experience, towel wrap your deeply conditioned tresses for 20 minutes after at least every other shampoo before rinsing.

Good curly hair products enhance curly hair by adding more of what it needs most – moisture such as KINGS & QUEENS Products.  They work to keep your curly hair healthy.
Bad curly hair products simply hide the damage which they and other products have already done to your hair.

Curly hair, by its very nature, is drier than other hair.  It tends to stand away from the head so that natural oils from the scalp can’t easily be transferred along the hair shafts.

Products that decrease the moisture of curly hair are bad.  Products that enhance and maintain the natural moisture of curly hair are good.

Longer Lasting Styles

Cooler weather means that us ladies rocking the curls, kinks and waves like to spend less time washing our hair and having to let it air dry.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to “preserve” your style at night and refresh your look each morning.

For loose waves, twist hair in large (cigar size) or larger plaits/braids at night. For tighter curls and kinks use clips or bobby pins to secure hair close to the head or twist at night. Remove clips in the morning and fluff hair at the roots. Be sure to use a firm styling gel or styling cream (TRY KINGS & QUEENS LEAVE-IN MOISTURISER) on wash day to help preserve your look.

Is your hair prone to frizzies and fly-aways? For dry, loose curls spray a light refresher spray (Try KINGS & QUEENS COMB OUT SPRAY) that contains a balance of oil and water and twirl curls with finger to pull frizz together for a defined curl. Tighter curls and kinks need a heavier refresher blend of water and glycerin product (TRY KINGS & QUEENS GEL ACTIVATOR) to hydrate the ends and then simply finger comb curls to de-frizz.


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  1. ziafi said,

    she bis looking awsome in this hair style , and if further oilled or gelled proporlu and given centre or side path over right eye, my my she would be looking hot.

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