May 7, 2010 at 12:30 PM (Hair advice)


I am embracing the natural texture (FRO) of my hair. With help of KINGS & QUEENS MOISTURISING PRODUCTS. Visit our website on http://www.amakabeauty.co.nz/product-brands/kings-and-queens/ for more info on this Fantastic Brand. I am enjoying wearing my hair natural and short.  No more laborious Hair Styles that take time to complete, expensive and not so easy to maintain.

Natural Hair Can either be AFRO, BRAIDS, TWISTS AND LOCKS

Different styles of Natural Afro hair

Different styles of Natural Afro hair

This is how I keep my Natural hair looking good : Natural Hair can feel dry so requires good maintenance just as processed Hair.

I wash my hair once or at most twice a week with KINGS & QUEENS MOISTURISING CLEANSING SHAMPOO. I like it a lot because the shampoo is formulated for Dry or Damaged Hair, contain Panthenol, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and other emollients and so very nourishing to my hair. Soon after washing, my hair feels so soft.

I follow with KINGS & QUEENS ENRICHED CRÈME MOISTURISING CONDITIONER. This Conditioner detangles, Moisturises, Restores Body and leaves hair soft and silky with a fresh fragrance.

I then follow with applying KINGS & QUEENS LEAVE-IN CRÈME MOISTURISER AND GEL ACTIVATOR. I use these two products daily to maintain softness and shine.

Kings & Queens Range


Combing natural hair can be tricky. So how do I do it? Whether my hair is wet or dry, I first apply the Leave-in products mentioned above to soften it. I then use wide comb (AFRO COMB) to detangle the hair from the ends going to the roots. I normally air- dry my hair but one can also hood-dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.  Once this is done, wala, I’m ready to go!

Once a month, I give myself a Hot Oil Treatment using KINGS & QUEENS HOT OIL TREATMENT. The treatment seals in moisture and balances the P.H level. I wash with Kings&Queen shampoo,towel dry thoroughly and then mix 1 floz of Hot Oil treatment with 1 floz of warm water. I apply and massage all over hair , cover with plastic cap and leave for 20mins. I then rinse out and towel dry and the follow wi  If you have damaged hair, the Hot Oil helps to reconstruct and protect it and of-course seals in moisture.

Many customers have commented that my Natural hair looks very healthy and attractive. I suppose with any gain in life, one must have to work appropriately to achieve results.



Take a few minutes each day to massage your scalp with or without oil even if your hair is braided, twisted or not.  This simple practice stimulates blood circulation. At night just before bedtime, moisturise if necessary and wear a cover, your hair will love you for that.

We will continue this journey again!


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